April 29th, 2021 (Tennessee) - Today, Tennesseans from across the state filed a political action committee against Governor Bill Lee’s bid for re-election in 2022. Funded by small dollar donations, the PAC will use funds raised to organize hard working families across Tennessee and America to mobilize against the power grab from Bill Lee and other fringe conservatives. This political action committee is composed of Tennesseans from all parts of the state and members include working families, single young folks, white collar professionals, politicians, and Tennesseans from all backgrounds united around the mission to beat Bill Lee in 2022. Beat Bill Lee will utilize a mixture of traditional and unconventional campaign tactics to lead a campaign against the current sitting governor.

“Since Bill Lee took office 7 rural hospitals closed, 4 during the COVID19 pandemic, unemployment reached an all time high, gun violence increased by 50%, and our student proficiency dropped. Spending $7 million taxpayer dollars on lawsuits, it’s evident Lee is serving dark interest groups and not Tennessee families. We cannot wait until 3 months out from election day, when the primary is over, to start mobilizing against Lee. We must stop Bill Lee and the dark money interest groups he represents from their continued destruction of Tennessee. The work to Beat Bill Lee begins today.” - Emily Cupples, Beat Bill Lee PAC Director, Memphis

“Tennesseans desperately need doctors and hospitals that don’t bankrupt their families, but Gov. Lee does nothing, though it wouldn’t cost our state one penny. One million students need public schools with resources and highly trained teachers, Gov. Lee does nothing. Too many families can’t afford food and rent, and Gov. Lee is bragging about fast low-pay food jobs and cuts to unemployment.It’s time for a change, Tennessee families need a governor who understands the kitchen table issues they face each day — not an out of touch multimillionaire.” Gloria Johnson, TN State Representative, District 13

"Rural hospitals - closing.

Rural education - in need of funding.

Good paying rural jobs - hard to find.

While Rural Tennesseans are working, scratching out a living, Governor Bill Lee is not fighting for Real answers to these very Real issues affecting Real people. Tennesseans are looking for a chance to make the words we say to our children True, " Your future is bright!"

Right here.

In Rural Tennessee.

Words are not enough. Actions make the difference." - Civil Miller-Watkins, Wife, Mother of 8, Nana of 8, Rossville

“If you measure the health of our state in how our government cares for the sick and oppressed, Bill Lee is an abject failure. We’re awash with guns and Covid like a failed state, while our hospitals are shuttered and free speech threatened.” - Wade Munday, Nashville

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